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Mark Teigen
2004-11-30, 09:01
Will this work with Flack files or just MPG.


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At 01:00 PM 11/29/2004, kdf wrote:

I'd love to tell you there is an automatic generator that would create
based on the inherent remnanats ot psychic energy embedded in the melody
itself, resulting in the true artwork as it was before the artists even
realised what they wanted...but there is nothing all that fancy about
slimserver. There is no magic,


the id3 jpg's. Consider yourself lucky. most people have to spend a lot of
effort gathering all the artwork.

It was easier for a while when my Amazon utility worked, but
the last set of changes that Amazon did to their website
made my code get flakey. I have to blame it on them,
it can't be that my code was flakey to begin with....

I have been putting out new versions and inflicting them on
willing alpha testers, but it
is not there yet.

For those brave, check out the page at
and see if I can get it working well in the next couple of weeks.


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