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Craig, James (IT)
2004-11-30, 05:03
Hi all,
Attached is a new plugin I've been working on to generate SlimServer
playlists from iTunes' Party Shuffle playlist.
I did this because my playlists are usually very general and hence large
and loading & shuffling multi-thousand song playlists on SlimServer
isn't ideal and because you can't use the features of smart playlists.

As before, Windows only, iTunes must be on the same server as
SlimServer, which must not be running as a service.

I've done quite a bit of testing but it's a bit of a work in progress
but I'd like to see if anyone likes it - or has any problems!

It works like this:
- Install & activate the plugin
- Set up iTunes party shuffle as desired (I recommend setting number of
recently played tracks to 0)
- Navigate the Squeezebox menu to Plugins->iTunes Party Shuffle and
press play to start.

Shuffle is turned off and the current playlist is cleared and loaded
with the first two tracks from Party Shuffle.
The plugin keeps up with playback by always loading 1 track in advance
of the one being currently played.
You can delete tracks from the playlist, skip backwards etc - only
moving to the last track loads a new one.

You can also mess around with the future tracks in iTunes Party Shuffle
before they are loaded.
Tracks added to SlimServer are deleted from Party Shuffle, causing new
selections to be generated, and obviously the history is maintained in
the SlimServer playlist.

If you also have the iTunes Update plugin running, the play counts etc
will still be updated, so you can run Party Shuffle against a smart
playlist with (almost) real-time updating.
(although because Party Shuffle chooses a number of tracks in advance
it's not quite perfect unless you have party shuffle set to choose only
1 track)

Loading a playlist or turning the player off will disable the plugin or
you can stop it from the plugins menu.
(if you don't remember to do this and forget it's on the results could
be unexpected)

Have fun!


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