View Full Version : Logitech killed Squeezebox were to get a duet

2014-05-08, 11:43
After Logitech gracefully has killed Squeezebox I wonder where to get a decent Duet or just a receiver. Do they still produce and ship them?

2014-05-08, 12:05
They are no longer produced. To get one you'll have to look on the second hand markets like Ebay. One of these days we will have the Community Squeezeplayer being developed by some of the folks on these forums.

2014-05-10, 02:24
Duets are still available new in Australia - $199 Australian.

2014-05-11, 09:15
Where? I can't see any retailing for $199.

2014-05-11, 11:23
Duets are still available new in Australia - $199 Australian.

Interesting if this is correct, as the duet has been out of production for a number of years. Perhaps someone is reselling new in box duets?

Pascal Hibon
2014-05-11, 12:00
Not really what you are looking for but I just wanted to post this if anyone else is looking for a SB Radio. This store (http://www.laboutiquederic.com/poste-radio-wifi/10-logitech-squeezebox-smart-ue-poste-radio-internet-sans-fil-wifi-930000137.html) seems to have stock again.

2014-05-12, 12:25
After Logitech gracefully has killed Squeezebox I wonder where to get a decent Duet or just a receiver. Do they still produce and ship them?
The short answer is no.

However, there are software solutions out there now that allow you to use almost any computer as a "player" that would be easily as good as the Receiver.

The established name is Vortexbox. This is a specialist Linux operating system that, when installed on virtually any x86 based PC (including intel Atom processors), turns it into a server and player. Find a mini enough computer to install it on and you will have a player to rival the Receiver. They have a commercial arm that retails PCs with it ready installed, but these are bigger and aimed more at those needing a full server rather than just a player.

If you are feeling slightly more adventurous there is a similar Linux based operating system being produced by this community that is aimed more at those needing just a small player.


This is designed primarily to work on the ARM based "Wandboard" range of micro PCs (although it will work with other ARM boards). The Wandboards come as a motherboard with embedded processor and RAM, but the case, PSU and aerial are extra. This has a basic DAC function and audio-out so will produce audio, but for best results you should use an external DAC.

John Swenson is also creating a special DAC module for the Wandboards that, hopefully, will make them better than anything Logitech produced.


My two Receivers are still chugging along nicely and - more importantly - so are the Controllers. There are loads of ways of replacing the Receivers, but nobody is going to create a dedicated controller that is no use for anything else and hence unlikely to go missing (its main attraction as far as I am concerned!). I suppose one day mini Android tablets will get so cheap that they could replace the controller - provided I could somehow lock my children out of nicking them to play games on!

2014-05-12, 14:30
An other good option is getting a Raspberry Pi and running piCorePlayer or SqueezePlug on it (There may be other installations I dont know of). This is, as far as I can tell, the cheapest solution (although if you want really good sound I guess you need an external DAC of some kind, which can get expensive). Of course you don't get the controller like with Duet, but if you have an iphone/ipad/android-device there are very good controller apps.

2014-05-13, 08:37
But be aware that getting various third-party hardware players to sync can be problematic. It can be done, sometimes, but it generally won't be as easy and reliable as syncing with Squeezebox receiver/players.

Paul Webster
2014-05-13, 11:31
UE Radio (which can be easily converted to Squeezebox Radio) is on "closeout" sale at the moment (at least it is in Logitech UK store).
I managed to get one today with the bonus of an extra 30% off through a discount code (code since expired but hunt around and you might find one).