View Full Version : Synology DSM 5 produces clicks

2014-05-07, 07:12
After upgrading to Synology DSM 5 I get an annoying click between most of the tracks when playing a whole album. It happens regardless of file format (wav, mp3) and is audible both on the digital and analog out.
It doesn't happen when I use Synolgy's own DS Audio on my iPad. So it must relate to the SBT. I didn't have this problem at all with previous versions of the DSM software.

Any suggestions?

2014-05-11, 12:39
I had the wav files encoding set to disabled. Now I have changed it back to the default flac/sox and there's no clicks. For some reason the 'disable' setting creates problems with the DSM5 update.

(Advanced/File Types/WAV)