View Full Version : BBC Radio applet - day listing out of sequence

2014-05-04, 15:18
I noticed earlier today that the ondemand listing is slightly awry.

For example, the listing starts Friday - Sunday - Saturday - Thursday ....

The listing is correct in the iplayer plugin.

2014-05-05, 16:16
Nobody else seeing ths?

2014-05-06, 00:31
I noticed the same thing 2 days ago. It has got even more muddled today.
There are also several programmes missing from the listings that are available to listen again on the BBC iPlayer. Unfortunately this is now a regular occurrence on this and the iplayer plugin. Maybe the BBC is the culprit?

Man in a van
2014-05-06, 01:39
Been like that here in the UK for about a week now, no problem, I can still find Tweet of the day :cool:



2014-05-06, 02:39
According to another post on another forum, the BBC made some changes last week to the on-demand streams.