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2014-05-04, 02:53
My aim is to control SB3 connected to LMS 7.7.4.

I need only to control, not to play.

Most important is support of Triode Spotify plugin.

1) Windows 7 PC. Is my choice limited to laggy web UI and Squeezeplay (which is rather player than cntroller)

2) Android device. What are advantages of paid apps (Orange, Control, Commander) over "official" one from Logitech?

I want to use that app on android 4.* phone, tablet and rooted 2.1 Nook e-ink reader

2014-05-04, 03:40
Squeezeplay is also a 'controller'.
It gives you the same interface as a Touch for any player on your network.

But a laptop is probably not the ideal way of controlling other players.

2014-05-04, 03:53
I think for 2.1 you'll need one of the 3rd party Apps, probably SqueezeCommander for full functionality.

2014-05-05, 06:10
> Squeezeplay is also a 'controller'.

Funny: the product for which Squeezeplay was initially developed was the
"Squeezebox Controller" :-). No playback was built-in back then.