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Phillip Kerman
2004-11-29, 22:15
That's pretty sweet. As much as I'd tend to diss that magazine, it's still
very cool.

Congratulations to slim!


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> Idly catching up with last week's newspapers, I spotted a
> Squeezebox as
> the lead item in Parade Magazine's "Better Living With
> Technology" for
> November 21st.
> The two-page article leads off with a photo of a happy family
> pointing a
> remote at the Squeezebox (viewed from behind), with almost a
> full column
> describing how they use it to listen to 2000 CDs (and French radio
> stations) through their stereo. On the second page is a
> paragraph with
> more details on price and function, and a full frontal photo
> of the box
> itself. The web companion to the article has a link to
> slimdevices.com.
> I've scanned the two relevant sections of the article at readable
> resolution:
> http://ftldesign.com/images/SqueezeParade1.jpg
> http://ftldesign.com/images/SqueezeParade2.jpg
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