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2014-05-01, 10:26

I'm a new Squeezebox Duet owner and I'm having a problem with the Server Settings web interface.

When I open the Squeezeboc Control Panel and navigate to the Advanced tab, and then click Advanced Settings (under Web Based Interface) a web browser opens and shows the Server Settings. Both the Player and Advanced tabs in the web interface give a web page not found error when I select them.

This happens with the system up and running playing music.

I am running the latest server software and have updated the firmware on the controller.

How do I fix this?

2014-05-01, 10:30
This is an issue w Internet Explorer 11 and possibly other browsers. If you open Chrome you can get to the Advanced settings

2014-05-01, 11:11
Thank you.

2014-05-01, 12:07
Works fine for me in IE11 with LMS 7.8.0

2014-05-01, 21:23
Works fine for me in IE11 with LMS 7.8.0

Yes that bug have been fixed in 7.8.0

And 7.8.0 is no longer a beta :) it's is the latest release .

2014-05-01, 21:56
Fixed in 7.7.4 as well, for those who prefer to "official" releases. Or at least official branches :-).