View Full Version : Does the Squeezebox Controller(with the screen) work with a SB3 (Classic?)

2014-04-28, 05:58
My remoe control for my SB3 (Classic) is looking a bit worn. I can see you can get a SB Controller, the one with a screen, on Ebay. Will the SB Controller work with a SB3 or will I need to find one of the old style controllers like I have already?

2014-04-28, 06:22
Yes, the SB Controller (part of the Duet) will work fine with all Squeezeboxes, including the SB3/Classic.

2014-04-28, 07:21
The SBC controller with a screen uses wifi to commuicate with SB3. If you want to access the setup part of an Sb3 (e.g. if Sb3 is not connected to network) - you'll need a remote which can do IR. the SBC controller can do IR but it is buried in the test menu and I'm not sure if still works.

2014-04-28, 09:12
Day to day use fine with the controller , but the setup needs the ir remote ( unless you manage with the net::udap script , but that's not guaranteed to work ).

2014-04-28, 09:32
But the OP had the IR remote, it's just scruffy looking.

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2014-04-28, 13:10
...and as bpa said, the SB Controller has an IR remote built-in, which even emulates a typical SB IR remote.