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2014-04-26, 01:14
I am sure this must have been covered. But I have searched, and failed to find the thread, so apologies for this.

I have changed my computer, therefore the name of the media server, and no doubt other things as well.

having been using Squeeze commander to successfully control the Squeezebox, I have not needed the remote, until now.

It fires up, says it is obtaining the ip address, then says cannot connect to server, click right to set up.

I can see in Sq Commander, a player at and I can see the media, but cannot connect the two.

Is there a simple step I am missing?

The Wireless has stayed the same and I have rebooted the router... if that helps.

Many thanks!

2014-04-29, 15:05
Won't the sbox do a broadcast to find the media server by name and IP? Can you put a static IP of whatever the IP was of your media server in your DHCP scope on your router and point it to your new media server?

2014-04-30, 23:58

you have lost me there :) But thank you for your response.

The sign in suggests it finds the ip address,
"obtaining the ip address..."
Then the message "Connecting to server..." is displayed
but cannot connect to it.

I was not clear and missed a step out there in the process. Appologies for that. I went back and tried again.

As this is now beyond me I have ordered:

"WiFi AirPlay DLNA Audio Receiver Wireless Stream Stereo Bluetooth Speaker 3.5mm" for 35 off ebay. See how it works.

There will be a squuzebox for sale on ebay soon I suspect!

2014-05-01, 00:05
If you can see the SB and the new server listed in Squeeze commander then click the edit button at the top left, you can then drag the SB onto the new server.

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2014-05-01, 02:35
If you mean a SB3/Classic or SB Boom player...
Your player is trying to connect to the last server IP it was last connected too. Normally it is a simple fix to press & hold the LEFT arrow button, enter Setup menu, scroll to listed LMS servers, press RIGHT arrow to connect. This way it is now looking for any/all LMS servers on the network, not just the last one it connected too.

But absent the IR remote I have no idea how you do this. Maybe the smart phone app you are using has a way to navigate the player to Setup menu?

2014-05-26, 06:55
If you're still having problems & in UK I can lend you a remote for a couple of weeks


2014-05-26, 09:05
SB remotes show up on e-bay frequently (in the US anyway). I've got a couple sitting around since I only need one for initial setups. Not sure what it would cost to ship to the U.K. though.

2014-05-26, 09:09
Account test post - hello! :)

2014-06-02, 07:27
Are you sure it isn't the firewall on your new PC ?
If you haven't changed anything else network wise you should be able to just "Switch Library" if not then my money would be on firewall