View Full Version : Streaming issues with Win98

2004-11-29, 11:44
I have SlimServer (11 Nov nightly) running on Windows 98
and I have two primary issues:

1. I cannot get the WXPN live feed (a WMA stream) to
produce any sound. (I'm amazed how many people on this
list want to listen to that one station.) As a test, I
installed SlimServer on my WinXP laptop and was able to
play WXPN on the Squeezebox without a hitch, which implies
that the operating system could be the problem. On the
Win98 machine, I can see that WMADEC and LAME are running
when I try the stream, but the SB display shows it
reconnecting to the stream every 15 seconds or so, while
producing only silence.

2. I have tried connecting to stream.mp3 on two WinXP
computers (Windows Media player on each) and I get no
sound, although WMP says it's playing at 320KB and the
visualizations seem to function. This is while the
SB itself is playing the song successfully.

What debug flags should I set to get to the bottom of

(Maybe I should just set up a Linux server, now that
Patrick Delamere has found a way to get WXPN to play;
besides, I have hard drive issues with Win98. Bah.)

-:- dbls