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Dave K
2004-11-29, 09:34

I'm using a D-Link DI-514 (802.11b) WAP and it works fine with my SB. I've
had occasional dropouts on high bitrate files that have been ripped using
iTunes (ALC) but for files that are 192kbps bitrate, they seem to have no
problems. I have no bitrate limiting on my server settings and have used the
SB in both wireless and wired (current config) mode and seems fine on both


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I have a Squeezebox on order to be delivered in a couple of days. Is there
a good wireless access point that anyone can recommend? Or for that matter,
any that I should avoid due to compatiblity problems?

I don't need routing in the device since I already have a ZyWALL firewall
behind my cable router, so I'd prefer a simple AP/bridge. I'd like to get
an 802.11g capable device for possible future use with laptops.

I'm partial to ZyXEL and D-Link products, having had good luck with both on
a variety of small business and home networks. Is anyone using the D-Link
or DWL-700AP or the DWL-2100AP?