View Full Version : iTunes synchronization in a Mac

2014-04-17, 10:30
I Was about to get Erlands plugins in order to synchronize iTunes and LMS, but documentation says only Windows iTunes is supported.
Can anybody confirm synchronization works fine in Mac using Trackstat and Custom Scan?
In my scenario both, iTunes and LMS, are running in the same computer but with different music libraries (use flac with Squeezebox).
Thanks in advance!

2018-05-26, 23:38
I know it's old thread but any answer on this? Friend of my is completely apple adept but looks for multi one music solution. Guess what, he uses iTunes on a Mac.

2018-05-27, 08:11
There are two ways to do this:
1. you can use the iTunes integration in LMS. This should work (well, it does so for me, but I only use it in a test setup) and has the advantage of transferring your iTunes playlists. The downside is: if you want to use tags like composer, conductor etc which are not used by iTunes (that's what the original question above was about) then you won't get these tags through the iTunes integration.

2. The other alternative will always be to just point LMS's music folder at the iTunes library and then LMS will scan the files by itself and so LMS and iTunes can just live side-by-side. Downside: no iTunes playlists unless you export them.

2018-05-27, 14:36
Ok, thnx for the info on how iTunes and lms works