View Full Version : Get rid of Deezer and Spotify apps from Duet menu

2014-04-15, 12:53
hi folks

does anyone know how to get rid of the Deezer and Spotify apps from the Duet menu?

I have once installed these, but since don't use them. The official Spotify app doesn't work on the Duet anyway. I have installed Triode's great alternative app.

Anyway, the Deezer and official Spotify app always seem to appear on my Duet menu screen, although occasionally absent, they always seem to reappear. It would be nice to have them gone for good. They have been removed from the web server settings menu so I am not sure why they still reappear....

thx to anyone who can shed light on this...

2014-04-15, 13:03
just scroll to the app, press '+', select hide from menu. That's it.
They proberbly reappear because settings are synchronized between Duet and Mysqueezebox.com?

2014-04-15, 14:41
hi mate

thx for that. I have checked under server settings and my squeezebox is not synced. In terms of pressing +, this doesn't work as they appear under the 'my apps' sub menu and when pressing + the only options I seem to have are to move the item up or down the list...

thx for your suggestions though, all helpful.

2014-04-15, 14:48
Just had another look at my Duet controller. Under settings>advanced>squeezebox information>plugin modules both of these apps/plugins appear (amongst other that are also to be found under the plugins section of the server settings). Thing is these are disabled (AFAIK) in the server settings so I don't know why they would appear on the duet handset?

For reference, both apps require a switch to the my squeezebox library, so I am guessing that pinkdot is probably right in one way or another....

2014-04-15, 21:01
> does anyone know how to get rid of the Deezer and Spotify apps from the
> Duet menu?

Go to www.mysqueezebox.com and make sure you've uninstalled the two apps.



2014-04-16, 12:37
Thx again Michael!

I've never really got to grips with the whole mysqueezebox.com thing!