View Full Version : Where can I find info re the Android Logitech Squeezebox Controller app?

2014-04-14, 06:05
I have a Logitech UE which I reformatted with the Squeezebox software, and have been controlling it with my Android devices. I also have a Synology Diskstation running Logitech Media Server. The Android app lets me run my UE/Squeezebox with WiFi music including what is on my Diskstation.

I just went to play some music from my Diskstation and discovered that the Android app isn't showing the "my music" option any more. Can anyone tell me where there is a forum or support for that app?

2014-04-14, 08:18

Hope this helps !

2014-04-14, 09:14
Is your Android phone on WiFi and your Squeezebox connected to the NAS instead of MySqueezebox.com