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2014-04-09, 13:12
Hi there,

Not sure if it is me but BBC iPlayer live is constantly re buffering tried altering things in Advanced Network and on the Boom Audio but still it persists.

This is on an almost clean install of 7.8 but with Preferences saved but it still continues, Boom wired to HP Server running LMS..

Is it me or The BBC?

Many thanks, Tim.

2014-04-09, 16:08
Most likely it is your network if Boom is connected via wireless but more details on your set up and specifc on the BBC stream you are playing would enable some tests to try.

Is Boom connected using wireless or wired ?
Are you in the UK or not (this affects stream speed) ?
Are you playing WMA stream or a AAC stream of the BBC live station being transcoded by LMS ?
If AAC is being played - what type of server is running LMS ?
Do you get bufferinhg when playing "LIsten aagin" programs or only live ?

2014-04-10, 01:05
Hi there,

Thanks for your reply, I did say I'm wired but should have said to my new Apple Router the latest version running LMS from my HP Server, I'm in the UK and I'm only using the BBC iPlayer listen live as my source so I'm not sure if that is WMA or AAC it used to work fine and I can't think of anything that has changed hence my post.

I have not noticed any buffering when playing from my Music library not tried listen again will do that today and report back, I'm on Virginmedia 125 GB package and that is not causing any problems I try not to use Wi-Fi on any of our components and nor do I sync our 2 Booms and 3 Radios.

Finally last night I did a total clean install of LMS wiping the preference and start again but alas same problem re-buffering fairly frequently.

Another quick question which package is for the Apple system as I will try running LMS from our Mac Mini but not sure which package to download.

Many thanks, Tim.

2014-04-10, 01:37
If it was working OK and not isn't - think about what has changed ? ISPs can selectivley "manage" traffic with specific sites/stream type so just because you have no problem with other sites doesn't mean the ISP is not at fault.
Do you get buffering/stalls playing same iPlayer stream on smartphone and/or pc based web browser on home network ?

Try playing "listen again" - when live streaming, if there is a BBC network congestion - then the stream will have to jump every so often to catch up otherwise after a while the live internet stream canl be behind FM Radio by minutes. "Listen again" is not live and so there willl never be this "catch up" issue. If buffering only occurs on "live" then it is probably a BBC issue and it can be just a regional BBC issue.

When playing the station check the more info to determine the stream type. WMA is played natively by the Boom so stream will go direct from BBC to Boom - in whcih case LMS has nothing to do with the playing and doesn't matter version or server type and buffering is due to local network (unlikely when wired), ISP or BBC

BBC also uses a different "network" to provide WMA compared to AAC and so sometimes problems are on WMA and not on AAC.

If playing AAC, transcoding is happing so processor of LMS can make a big difference. What is the processor in HP or server model - e.g. is it a small ARM based NAS or a big Xeon based server or something in between ?

Some routers have more "security" or traffic handling features and if enabled can "interfere" with streaming data (e.g. holding back packets).

2014-04-10, 03:03
Hi there,

My sever is a HP Proliant ML 110 G7 with a G840 2.8 Intel processor with 8 GB of RAM is also runs WHS 2011 wgicg is used to back up 3 PC's during the evenings alas the re-buffering issue happens all the time so it can't be due to the Backups.

I also have a current Mac Mini which I'd like to run LMS from when I can find the correct file to download and run LMS on the Mac to verify if there is or isn't an issue with the network I run the new Apple 3 GB Time Capsule and cannot find a reference to Security/Traffic Handling.

I us the iPlayer plugin which plays in AAC file format, but I do not have any re-buffering issues with my music folder. I tried listen again and it did re-buffer once.

Again many thanks for your quick response and help much appreciated.

Many thanks, Tim.

2014-04-10, 05:13
The iPlayer plugin can play in all formats (AAC,WMA and sometimes MP3) included depending on the settings - Have you assumed AAC or did you check from "More info" / WebUI display ?

If you set the Plugin iPlayer settings Live/ondemand to "WMA" only and/or disable transcoding - you can eliminate/confirm the server as possible source of issue

2014-04-10, 05:49
Hi there,

I have never played with the iPlayer settings but when I just went in they were set to (AAC-FlashAAC-FlashMP3-WMA) I have now set it to WMA and turned off transcoding.

I have loaded my Mac Mini and no re-buffering issue with it will now see what the change as above does.

Many thanks, Tim.

2014-04-10, 06:48
Hi there,

Guess what turning off transcoding seems to have stopped the re-buffering and I now have both LMS's available should I need them but I ave turned the Mac Mini LMS off. it must be that the HP cannot cope with transcoding the iPlayer BBC stream.

Thank you ever so much for your very helpful advice.

I really cannot thank you enough.

Again many thanks, Tim.

2014-04-10, 07:00
it must be that the HP cannot cope with transcoding the iPlayer BBC stream.

That server is more than capable of doing transcoding - I think there is something else happening associated with the server (e.g. LMS being blocked/busy, security s/w "examining" network streams, some process taken priority on network traffic) but if the problem is gone, then why worry.

A word of caution - the BBC WMA service for UK listeners seems to go wrong every so often (based on user reports to this forum), so if service stops check out the AAC service before despairing.

2014-04-10, 11:40
Hi there,

I seem to have spoken to soon both my HP Server LMS and the Mac Mini LMS have been re-buffering so that I assume this seems to point to something within the network that is not working?

Any thoughts?


2014-04-11, 04:37
To confirm the local LMS is not the problem and problem lies somewhere between Boom, network cable, router, ISP and BBC network, you can try to play the BBC WMA stream when Boom is connected to mysb.com

Connect boom to mysb.com (you can prove this by shutting your LMS down). Then play the BBC radio stream using the BBC Radio App on mysb.com.

There used to be issues (I think they're now fixed) about UK users try to play BBC station using mysb.com as BBC geo-ip locking got confused as mysb.com servers are not in UK but the actual player is in UK.
If there is still a probelm playing a BBC stream - try using the URLs below as Favorites on mysb.com
These URLs avoid mysb.com doing a DNS lookup and so get around BBC location checking as mysb.com server is not based in UK.

R1 mms://wmlive-acl.bbc.co.uk/wms/bbc_ami/radio1/radio1_bb_live_eq1_sl0#slim:noscan=1
R4 mms://wmlive-acl.bbc.co.uk/wms/bbc_ami/radio4/radio4_bb_live_eq1_sl0#slim:noscan=1

If the rebuffering happens - then I first suggest trying your Boom connected to mysbc.om in a neighbours hours (i.e. different router, possibly different ISP) - if it still rebuffers then I think it may be a BBC regional issue otherwise try a different router and if it rebuffers with different router contact ISP.