View Full Version : AlienBBC v0.11 Released

mark sayers
2004-11-29, 02:49
Definitely, let me have em... I got pretty far before but when I had to
start compiling stuff it all went pear shaped.

I have fink installed already along with lame I think so yeah lat me

I can give you an email address if you want to send them over unless
you are
going to put them up on a webserver.


> On 28/11/04 at 5:47 pm +0000, Mark Sayers wrote
>> Daniel, I hope this doesn't scupper your plans for a nice and easy Mac
>> installation / instructions.
>>> Hi folks.
>>> AlienBBC v0.11 is now available for download at the usual place
>>> (http://www.mrtickle.org/alienbbc.html).
> Yes, I know that. I decided to take the discussion offlist, as
> there's something weird going on.
> Current situation is (i) I can get a nice menu up, navigate (either
> on Squeezebox or via the Web interface) to any BBC stream, but when I
> press Play I just get the message "Connecting to ..." repeatedly
> flashing, but nothing actually playing.
> (ii) However, this only works if I start SlimServer from a command
> line. If I start in the normal way, then the Alien plugin does not
> register, either on the Squeezebox or in the Web interface.
> If I get the whole thing working, the installation is fairly easy.
> If anyone wants, I could give installation instructions and see if
> they find problems similar to what I have, and if they have any
> better ideas than me of how to deal with them.