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2014-04-08, 06:23
Hi all

My HP EX495 is aging and with the extra devices in the house I'm having some performance issues with streaming video so the 214 play seems like a good option. I also have to keep LMS going to support the radios and touch but I see that the Synology supplied package is at 7.7.x and I've been using 7.8 for a while to allow me to distance myself from mysqueezebox.com

Has anyone set this up and could advise me?

What issues am I going to get if I want to a) migrate to 7.8 (is SSODS the only option) b) keep spotify running using the plugin and c) keep the BBC iplayer plugin running as well.

I have found a few threads on this but if anyone has any specific information or pointers I would appreciate it.



2014-04-08, 07:46
reading to this page first would have been a good start (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?69986-SSODS-4-released/page85) he says, answering his own question as would this (http://http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?79706-Announce-Spotify-Premium-Plugin-%28Beta%29/page502&highlight=ds214)on the Spotify Plugin

2014-04-12, 00:11
I have SSODS 4.14 installed but am unable to upload the tarball via the UI or get it picked up when copied over to the DS. I did think it was just space so just linked the file to /tmp but that didn't help either.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the 7.8.x tgz recognized by SSODS?


2014-04-12, 01:06
Well this is a bit like a self help letter but there you go

SSODS installed
tar uploaded - pick the right one in the first place

Now I'm on

The following modules failed to load: YAML::XS