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2014-04-07, 04:51
Dear All,

I have a SBT and a Synology 712+ NAS with latest DSM. Until recently I have been using the SBT through WiFi, but I was not satisfied with the connection (especially with high bit rate tracks). Now I decided to connect the SBT to the NAS with an ethernet cable. However, I did not manage to access my music collection this way.

Could someone please help me how should I connect the two devices?
- should I put the ethernet cable into the NAS or to the WiFi router?
- is there any setting which needs to be changed in the Synology DSM / SBT for the connection to work?

Any help would be much appreciated!


2014-04-07, 06:17
Both devices should be connected to your network, I.e. the router.

It is technically possible to connect directly between the 2 devices with some quite convoluted setup of static IP addresses and possibly a crossover cable, the end result being a completely independent local music device. I've read threads on here of people doing just that at their holiday home where they don't have a router/internet access but it's an unusual use case to say the least.

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2014-04-07, 06:23
As jimbobvfr400 says, you should connect the Touch to your router, not directly to the NAS. Also, I don't remember for certain, but you may have to re-do the setup on the Touch to have it use the ethernet connection instead of the wifi. In other words, I don't _think_ simply plugging in the cable will make it switch to wired mode immediately. But I'm not 100% certain on that point.

2014-04-07, 07:08
Dear aubuti and jimbobvfr400,
Many thanks for the quick reply, I will try this way!

2014-04-08, 05:32
It worked! Thanks a lot!!!