View Full Version : Alternatives to LastFM available for the Boom in UK ?

2014-04-05, 02:05
I am still grieving but slowly coming terms with loss of LastFM device streaming.

I can still scrobble via LMS and PC at work.

More specifically now, are there good radio services available (with some form of smart playlist function) for me to use instead on the Boom via MySB.com ?

I've looked at Spotify and it is not really suitable, mainly as it's not available on Boom via MySB.com.


2014-04-05, 12:43
Well I've already found stations which play stuff I like (eg. SomaFM), and scrobble to my LastFM account (but alas don't have smart playlists or take into account my scrobbling/listening history.

This is a start as I can still love tracks of new stuff and use these to explore new artists, albums etc.