View Full Version : Triode, Spotify & Bitrate

2014-04-04, 09:04
In light of MOG's imminent and much lamented demise, I'm shifting over to Spotify using the Triode plug-in on my trusty Squeezebox Classic. I'm unsure how to enable Spotify's highest ("extreme") bitrate. It seems that Spotify's default is to stream at its lowest bitrate, and while there are instructions available about how to re-set bitrate on my other devices, I can't find any way to do that on the Squeezebox. Anybody know? And is there a way to determine what bitrate Spotify is streaming on this set-up? Spotify doesn't sound as good as MOG through my system, so I'm highly suspicious that it's not currently streaming at 320kbs ("extreme").

2014-04-04, 09:10
Settings->Plugins->Spotify->Stream Quality