View Full Version : Win7 PC only sleeps for 43s with LMS, 3s w/o LMS, and forever with no SB3 plugged in

2014-04-04, 01:38
I never had problems with sleeping! But now I have a new gigabyte motherboard (H77 chipset) and new Win7 64bit installation. Sleep was fine until I installed LMS. I am not talking about sleep after inactivity, only sleep when I do it from the Windows shutdown menu. My SB3s are wired. I did the following experiment twice with the same results:

Remove power from both SB3s - I can put it to sleep ok
Plug in an SB3 (but turned off) - wakes after 43s
Exit LMS (and in task manager end squeez~3.exe) - wakes after 3s!
Restart LMS system tray - wakes after 43s
Remove power from both SB3s - I can put it to sleep ok
Exit LMS - sleeps ok

I have re-loaded the SB3 firmware. Running LMS 7.7.3

So basically is an SB3 has power, my system can't be put in sleep mode. Everything used to work fine with the old motherboard (H67 chipset)

Any ideas anyone???

2014-04-04, 03:01
I have worked this out. In Network Connections , right click on the Local Area Connection, select Properties, Configure, Power Management and then check "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer"