View Full Version : Discussion list overload and Gossamer Forum

Christopher Jacob
2004-11-28, 18:39
> (BTW. WTF isn't he paid, it seems criminal to me?).

I'm a little behind on my email, so this may have been answered already.
While I'm sure it translates to pennies an hour in salary, KDF did receive a
brand spanking new Power Book from Slim Devices. However, I suspect this is
NOT why he is as active as he is...

Thanks KDF!


Simon Turner (back from the pub and not worried about convention)
Brighton UK

> Hi Folks,
> I'd like to get some feedback from folks on the list about the volume
> of mail on this discussion list.
> Despite doing my best to configure my mailer, I'm feeling overwhelmed
> by the volume of messages. The vast majority of the traffic is great,
> but we may be reaching the breaking point on the list.
> One would be to split the list into multiple smaller lists, but I fear
> that this would fragment the community too much.
> Personally, I prefer mailing lists to web-based forums, but I think
> we're reaching the limit of what's manageable on a discussion list.
> The leading candidate is Gossamer Forum.
> <http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/gforum/index.htm>
> One nice feature of Gossamer Forums is that it allows e-mail
> subcriptions, which lets folks get daily digests if they prefer. I'd
> like to hear some feedback on this move, especially if anyone has
> experience with this specific product.
> Thanks,
> dean