View Full Version : iTunes Match and metadata

2014-03-20, 07:39
I recently turned on iTunes Match so as to access my full recording library from my iOS devices and my Macbook Air. In the process, a fair amount of my metadata has been altered. Two-CD sets are now showing up as two separate albums, etc.

I do NOT have the "Use iTunes" option checked in LMS, so I have to think the actual file metadata has changed, which seems odd.

My basic question is this: once I have fixed these problems how can I prevent iTunes from making further "improvements" to my data without turning off iTunes Match?

2014-03-20, 07:46
It does sound as if the metadata in the files has been changed. You should check the file modification times to verify. I hope that you can undo the mess simply by copying over the library from your backup copy (you do have a backup, right?).

There may be a setting in iTunes Match to tell it to leave the metadata alone, but I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't. In that case your best bet may be to make all of the files read-only.