View Full Version : UE vs Squeezebox

2014-03-16, 07:51
I am thoroughly confused as to the differences between these to functions. I have a UE Smart radio. I would like to change the firmware but in some posted issues the process has been referred to as a *down*grade.
Will going down the Squeezebox route enable me to stream music from a network drive rather than the inconvenience of requiring a PC to be permanently fired up?
What are the differences between the two? In view of the problems experienced by other device owners I am reluctant to take the plunge and 'suck it and see'.

2014-03-16, 08:03
Yea, that "down"grade thing is because Logitech considered the move to the Smart Radio firmware an "upgrade".

The main difference is really that the Smart Radio is always controlled by UESmartRadio.com instead of your local server which means you can't use plugins and always need an online connection but you don't have to switch servers if your server/NAS doesn't run 24/7.

But since Logitech didn't care to make sure there are NAS versions of the UE server you'll have to use the Squeezebox firmware if you want to go the NAS Route. In terms of functionality the Squeezebox certainly offers much more, the UE system was meant as a simplification rather than a functionality upgrade.
The only thing I know of you will lose (if you use it) is iHeartRadio support.