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2014-03-12, 04:36

I'm quite new into this subject... I've already ran through some posts, I think I understand it more or less but I would like to have some confirmations (I'm not too technical I'm afraid).

I currently own a TEAC WAP 8200 (wireless audio player) which is linked to an external HDD via USB. The good: it's very stable. The bad: it's slow, and it cannot handle folders with more than 5000 tracks (system crashes). Moreover, it's not connected to the internet so I don't have access to internet radio stations.

Therefore I'm thinking of buying a Squeezebox Duet. I'm one of these old-fashioned guys who are convinced that wi-fi is not good for your health (radiation...), so I want to have this installed through a wired connection instead of streaming via wi-fi.

If I connect the Duet receiver to a LAN via a powerline, can it then access my music collection which is on my laptop (which is also connected via LAN but to another powerline)? (the music on my external HDD is a backup from the music on my laptop, so I know I can't reach the external HDD with the Duet). Does my laptop need to be on all the time if I want to listen to music?

The only wi-fi connection would then be between the Duet controller and receiver, right?

And as the Duet receiver is then connected via a wired connection, I would have access to Internet radio stations, right?

I've read something that the playlists for Squeezebox are limited to 100 songs. But it can handle folders with more than 100 songs, right?

thx in advance for all feedback!


2014-03-12, 07:41
You are getting far more "radiation" from the sun and your microwave oven and your cell phone than your little WiFi will ever deliver. ;)
Besides, you'll be using WiFi anyway for the Controller (though you don't have to use it after you Setup the Receiver).

Yes, Receiver will play music from your computer over your (wired) network, assuming you configured your powerline adapters correctly (setup as the same network/IP range).

Yes, your computer must be ON to play stored music, plus you need to run the LMS server on your computer anyway.

Yes, you can play Internet Radio with the Duet, with or without a computer.

No, once setup your Controller will communicate with your WiFi router, not directly to the Receiver.

No, not limited to 100 songs if LMS is configured correctly (simple setting).