View Full Version : Different habits different selections different situations

2014-03-07, 14:10
I think I developed several kinds of music selection habits with different choices, and different taste .?

1. Eclectic home listening on my hifi by myself .music I want to hear some choices won't fit everyone
2. spotify in my car .
3. spotify at friends and when partying :D choices made by friends or myself
4. Spotify or local tracks on the player when training at the gym or running etc .
5. My friends collections ? Stuff I love to hear at a friends home with a beer at hand that I actually never had thought off getting myself ?

Example I do love one of friends very complete Frank Zappa collection ,but neve get around to aquire one myself .
The FZ example is good the playlist is basically personally curated by an FZ aficionado ,would not be as good if I tried myself .

I also have friends into heavy Metal or electronic , hip-hop or club music etc , a different crowd similar experiences .

Others can sometimes aggregate and present/curate stuff in way you never thought of .

Anyone with similar experiences ?

I think this is interesting I seem to co develop situation dependent taste in different social settings :)