View Full Version : Beats Music opens up, making its API public

2014-03-07, 10:47
Just read this on Cnet:


Is this potentially good news for the Squeezebox community? I'm not an expert on any of this, but does this news open the possibility for a Beats plug-in?

2014-03-07, 15:17
Imo that's exactly what it is, potentially good news. You can bet that Logitech won't jump at the public API, but I bet one of the clever and enterprising developers in the SB community will take a whack at writing a plugin to use the Beats API. I'm a MOG subscriber (staying with them until the pull the plug any day now) and don't know if I would switch to Beats if it were available on the SB, but it can't hurt to have that option.

2014-03-07, 15:55
Let's hope someone at Logitech and Beats speaks for these companies and gives valid information. The MOG library was deep, but they probably had to renegotiate all the source contracts, which could have been a huge job.