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2014-03-06, 02:22
Since some time I hear strange knocking sounds, I guess some sort of artefacts, when I listen to Funk Republic Radio using my slim devices (a touch, a receiver and softsqueeze). Sometimes it also sounds as if other stations would squeeze in for a fraction of a second.

Other internet radio stations are not affected. Also when I listen to Funk Republic Radio using the browser or Winamp, it sounds normal, without any unwanted sounds.

Does anyone here know what causes this, and how to avoid it?

My LMS runs on a QNAP. It is v 7.7.2 - r33893
When I look up the Receiver's, Touch's and Softsqueeze's versions on the Duet remote control (after first selecting each player) they are all shown as v 7.7.2 r9663. However Softsqueeze itself (on the computer) shows its version as 3.9b2.

2014-03-06, 02:46
Are the players Sync'd when this happens? Tried them un-Sync'd? What audio format is the station on SB/LMS?

2014-03-07, 09:42
I tried sync'd and unsync'd now - no difference.

According to LMS, Funk Republic Radio streams in MP3 Format with 128 kb/s CBR.

The URL: http://opml.radiotime.com/Tune.ashx?id=s140526&formats=aac,ogg,mp3,wmpro,wma,wmvoice,real&partnerId=16&serial=d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e

Today this radio station's program also stops playing often, after a short while. I have expereienced this before with this station, although not often, and not as persistent. And unlike in earlier cases, today once it stops playing, it doesn't resume automatically.

When I saw the URL that LMS shows I copied it to my browser (Firefox), this opened the VLC plugin which played the stream - exhibiting the same strange knocking sounds! But at least it keeps playing, doesn't stop as LMS / Softsqueeze does.

When I go to http://funkrepublic.com/listen-now/ and start the little player that the website offers, the program plays clear and undistorted. And it doesn't get interrupted, it plays without outages. I also noticed that the sound quality of the replay is considerably better when I use the website with its player, even if I disregard the knocking sounds on the other methods.

I switched between the website, LMS+Softsqueeze and FF+VLC several times, it seems repeatable. Today, LMS just doesn't keep playing Funk Republic Radio.

As described in the TO, only Funk Republic Radio is affected. Other stations play continuously, without any strange sounds. I even tried other stations from Seattle who stream MP3 - no problem, they "come in" clear and undistorted.

Do these symptoms ring any bells with anybody?

2014-03-07, 11:01
I too hear the knocking/artifact you refer too, so it is likely the stream itself. Might want to inform both TuneIn and the station itself.