View Full Version : Switching to MySB.com remotely cannot be done ?

2014-03-02, 01:19

Here is the situation..

Player (Touch) is connected to LMS. Then everything is turned off.

Next day turn on Touch (but not LMS) and want to connect to MySB.com.

This has to be done by selecting "connect to MySB.com" on the player itself and cannot be done via remote app (eg. SqueezeCommander) as player is not listed on player select screen.

Is this a fundamental issue related to how the Squeezebox environment works or am I missing something ?

2014-03-02, 04:24
Short version: you can if you use iPeng or the SqueezeConfig App.

It's a fundamental issue since remote control works through the server.
Theoretically there is the UDAP protocol to remotely configure the player but I believe only iPeng supports that to connect unconnected players and then there is flattermann's old SqueezeConfig Android App if you can get it from somewhere (it was a beta and not on the store)

An alternative would be to use the ServerPowerControl plugin which can automatically move players to MySB if you shut down the server through the plugin and pull them back when the server is running again.