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2014-02-27, 08:23
I have 3 squeezebox classics (and love them). I recently acquired a fourth, used, as a backup when the inevitable happens. But the recent acquisition is having connection problems the other three don't have. And it has the problem whether it's used wired or wirelessly. Basically, it connects up just fine, and I can even get it to play music, briefly. But within seconds, whether it's idle or playing, it flashes up "Cannot connect to server, left to go back, right to try again." Then it immediately it reconnects on its own. (It happens so fast that I had to video record it and go frame by frame to see the error message.)

All my SB's are on the same network and use the same server (which is not LSS, but my own software - very stable, used it for years now). All are loaded with firmware 81, which is what my server code likes and understands. Because it's my own server I can debug and watch what's happening - the errant SB is periodically connecting to the server when it already has a connection, and sending HELO on the new connection, for no apparent reason. My server recognizes that it already has a connection from this MAC address, dumps the old connection and accepts the new one, but that interrupts whatever is in progress, making the SB useless.

Ok, obvious conclusion is I got a defective one. But the seller swears that they were tested before shipping. And I find it suspicious that the problem manifests both in wired and wireless mode; this makes me think it's not a simple hardware issue. Another point of interest: the MAC address is within 3 of one of my other ones, and is inside the range of the others. Assuming MAC addresses increase with manufacturing date, I don't think there can be radically different hardware in there.

The seller will exchange it, but I'm wondering if there's some magic setting I don't know about lurking in these SBs. One clue, when it arrived it has a MUCH higher software firmware revision number (200 something), and I'm wondering if there's something in there that 1) didn't get replaced when I loaded in firmware 81 and 2) is expecting some magic message that my server doesn't provide. Is there any known trick to this?

2014-02-27, 08:33
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