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2014-02-22, 19:58
My Squeezebox keeps losing connection to the server, an iMac at the other end of the house, but it's connected to my modem by a long Cat5 cable that runs the length of the house. I have a feeling there must be a setting on the iMac to prevent this from happening. Any suggestions on what to check?

2014-02-23, 04:44
Mac entering sleep/hibernation? When this issue happens go to LMS > Control Panel > Diagnostics, what is reported for ALL pings, ports, IP's?

2014-02-23, 04:53
IMac entering sleep? It happened to me until I upgraded to LMS 7.8

2014-02-24, 01:35
I believe the latest official 7.7.3 also had the fix for Macs sleeping in later version of MacOS as well if you don't want to use the Beta/nightly version.

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2014-03-05, 16:28
Just updated from 7.7.0 to 7.7.3. Fingers crossed.