View Full Version : Squeezeplay - Choose Player - Turn off player issue

2014-02-17, 04:47

I have 2 vintage radio's with raspberry pi's inside running squeezeplug. I also have a joggler with SqueezePlayOS that i use to control these two radio's.
So I use the "Choose Player" function on the joggler a lot. The thing is, when I choose a player in the "Choose Player" menu, and I want to turn this player off, the joggler goes into some kind of sleep mode and only shows me the "X" button to turn it on again. But when I press that "X" button, the player turns on again. Is there a function I'm not aware of to turn off a player without turning off the controller?

Now I'm using the web interface to turn all the players off independently, but it would be nice to be able to do this using the Joggler-controller..

Do you guys have any idea?