View Full Version : Squeezebox without broadband internet connection

2014-02-16, 15:48
Just wondering if it's possible to run my Squeezebox in my house by just setting up a router to create a local wi-fi connection but not actually connected to any external broadband or internet connection? Basically I'd like to take my Duet out to my house in France but I have no internet connection but can take an old Netgear router out with me and could set up a sort-of local wi-fi network in the house.

2014-02-16, 16:34
Yes. Will work perfectly for local music.

2014-02-16, 19:34
This works perfectly well. I took my duet to a beach house where I have set up an old xp computer with 2 TB hard drive attached under a stairwell. The duet sits upstairs in the living area and is connected via netgear powerline units.
I switch everything off when we leave as some months we just don't get down to the beach.
So far has not missed a beat. Power every thing up when I walk in the door , use ipeng on an iPad and have access to 50,000 + songs in lossless format.
I initially ran the duet via wifi but was having too many drop outs.Hence the powerline units.
This system runs much faster than my dedicated server at home but does have 1/3 the music files. By faster I mean the response to ipeng is instant.
Even though they sometimes frustrate the hell out of me the squeezebox units are magic.

2014-02-17, 03:36
Thanks for the comments, will give it a go next time I'm away.