View Full Version : Squeezebox as DLNA renderer?

2014-02-16, 12:04
I would like to play streamed music which is not available on mysqueezebox.com. eg Nokia mix radio using my surface 2 as a controller and send it to a DLNA renderer. I can do this to my AV amp (DLNA player) but I have another squeezebox classic and non-dlna amp in another room. My network sees the squeezebox as a media device. In Nokia mix radio and media monkey metro app I can select devices from charm menu and select the squeezebox but it does not play even with music playing on the tablet first.

Is this possible and how?

2014-03-26, 13:37
I'd like to do something similar:
I've got some music stored locally on my mobile phone (Sony xperia m) and my Squeezebox Touch players are recognised as DLNA renderers by the phone. However, if I throw some music at them, they won't play - I get something like "forbidden" on the Touch screen.
I wonder if this could work at all.