View Full Version : From LMS to mysq.com and back - it drives me crazy

2014-02-15, 02:37
How do people switch between LMS and mysq.com connection for Squeezebox Receiver (Duet)?

I am not using the Duet controller anymore. I use Android apps:
The free Logitech Squeezebox Controller app (not updated since 15. mar. 2012) can't do it as far as I know.
The Orange Squeeze app (active app, bought it recently) can do it one way apparently.
The Squeeze Commander app (Last update 24. nov. 2011), which I bought some years ago, CAN do it though it is not the most intuitive interface.

I can't see LMS can handle it or am I wrong?

2014-02-15, 02:51
I don't use any of those, but don't you just browse to "My Music" and the player is switched? I believe the whole idea is that it should not be necessary to manually switch between them.

2014-02-15, 03:20
Well, most use the Duet Controller which has a dedicated menu item for this. The iPeng phone app does this as well.

Your other apps, nothing in Settings > Advanced > Networking > Switch to MySB.com? Are you wanting to switch between LMS and MySB.com? Or is your LMS not allowing a connection to online streams?

2014-02-15, 04:13
I am running LMS on a machine not always on. LMS allows connections and all I just sometimes need to connect to mysb.com only.

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2014-02-15, 07:31
LMS can do it , fetch back players without problem and there is a menu for switching to mysb.com .

To LMS, choose my music in any interface .

to mysb.com varies, on the controller/touch/LMS it's a menu item somewhere . Tip move it to main menu in controller or Touch if you do it a lot , it buried in the settings somewhere.
Tip 2 don't switch ,use LMS as much as possible :)

2014-02-17, 12:41
Must be something I am missing. From LMS I can't see the SBR at all when it is connected to mysb.com. Hitting My music doesn't help.
I can use my 2 Android apps to switch SBRs connection between LMS and mysb.com so I guess thats fine.

2014-02-17, 12:53
There is a Tab in LMs settings for your mysqueezebox.com account ,without that LMS can not be aware of it .

hitting "my music" in the controller or Touch is for taking you back to LMS from mysqueezebox.com

2014-02-17, 12:55
I have Duet, not Touch, and I don't use the Controller. Anyway, the apps are ok.

2014-02-17, 13:24
With OrangeSqueeze you can move the player both ways, too.
If you are, say, connected to LMS with OrangeSqueeze then just tap the player showing on MySqueezebox.com to bring it back. To move it the other way, you have to us the triangle at the right hand side.

It's probably not very intuitive but it's really hard to do an intuitive UI for this, the whole concept of using the different servers is not very intuitive to most people and you will not find an intuitive UI for an un-intuitive underlying concept.

2014-02-18, 00:43
Thanks I have tried it and it works though certainly NOT intuitive :)

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2014-02-18, 15:11
In the SqueezeCommander app, in the players screen (where the players are listed), touch the icon at the top left. Then you can (a) drag players from one LMS (local or mysb.com) to another, or (b) select one or more players and then touch the icon at the lower right to select a new music source for all the selected players. Option (a) is simplest if you're just switching one player, option (b) is better if you're moving several.