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2014-02-14, 03:24
I have five (yup, five) Squeezeboxen. They're SB2s, I think, dating from about 2005.

Anyway, the remote controls are all packing up. The buttons no longer work; well, the important ones at least, like power and volume.

I've commandeered an old remote from a satellite set-top box and set up an IR mapping for it. Works well. But I need more remotes.

Could anybody suggest alternative remotes that will work with my SB2s? Also, how can I tell which remotes will work and which won't?

So long as the IR is received by the box, it's a simple matter to set up the IR->key->command mapping.


2014-02-14, 06:46
I have used learning remotes such as this URC (http://www.universalremote.com/product_details.php?id=63&s=diy&c=remotes&p=URC-WR7)(fairly cheap) I have also had luck with a Logitech Harmony 650(bit more expensive)
In either case when you map the buttons you will need to remember what some of the buttons do as the symbols will not always reflect their usage