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Biro, Stephen G.
2004-11-27, 08:26
Don't have a solution for you, but I notice that in my sb, with arial, 67%,
without, 67%.... Some of us are having the auto reboot problem on wireless -
static IP on sb seems to have stabilized things a LOT..not perfect, but much
better. Try a static IP to see if that gives you any better stability.

I have seen the "lost ss" message on sb as well several times when zipping
thru menus.weird thing is.if I go 'right' into a submenu and get the "lost
ss" message, then go 'left', then 'right' again.the sub menu usually comes
up where I just previously has the "lost ss" message.



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I run 2 x wired Slimp3's and 1 x wireless Squeezebox - since moving to 5.4 I
have had the 1 to 3 second dropouts that I had previously managed to avoid.

Things have got progressively worse to the point that the Squeezebox will
freeze up and finally the screen will go blank,