View Full Version : My Cambridge Audio A3i amp has just died - advice on replacement please ...

2014-02-05, 17:11

Well it just gone and died.

Have done a quick search - saw the Marantz PM6005, which seems promising .. with good onboard DAC for price, but maybe bit under-powered ?

Would this give me suitable power for my Cerwin-Vega AT-60s ? They are pretty sensitive so would suspect so.

But might use new amp for AV near my TV, which is running through Eltax Symphony 8.2 speakers (and move current AV analogue amp, Marantz PM66-SE to hifi..).

Am a little ambivalent about digital amp, but have Squeezebox Touch's at both AV area & hifi, which can output 24 bit / 192 (does that really sound much better than good analogue ?).

Advice please