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Dan Goodinson
2004-11-27, 04:14
I'm still on static IP for the moment, and it really has been 1000 times
more stable. Tempted to believe that the problem is fully fixed....

Moreover, I'm pretty sure that the issues I was having with DHCP were
NOT related to the stability of the actual wi-fi signal - same as
suggested by Stuart Beesley last week. What I mean by this is that now
(on static IP) if there is a break in connection for any reason, the SS
continues to play for a few seconds (while it sees out the buffer) and
then it stops playing and reports "Problem: Lost connection to
Slimserver". I suspect that this is the "normal" way it should go if
there was any interference. After a few seconds more the SB then goes
dark. Once the connection is restored, SB goes through the normal
startup routine where it sets the IP address and then goes back to the
start of the track it was playing.


I "performance tune" my server, and mess it up so I need to reboot.
(I'm taking last night as an example ;)
Server goes down, and my remote desktop connection dies. Server is now
in the process of shutting down - not on the network any more.
SB still playing at this point.
SB continues to play for approx 5 seconds, although the display is no
longer active any more - no scrolling, and no updates to time display.
Buffer expires (I guess?) and SB stops playing.
SB reports problem connecting to SS - the connection message is
displayed on screen.
After a bit of a wait, SB eventually goes dark and waits for server to
come back.
I can turn SB back on if I want to, but the screen just says "Problem:
Lost connection..."
When server is back, SB screen comes back.

The big differences are that:

1. The SB does not "reboot" - I don't see the splash screen
2. The SB loses connection but continues to play out the buffer - there
is no immediate "crash"

Since running on static IP, the connection has been genuinely lost twice
that I can remember - but even then, the SB handles it "gracefully".

There must be a problem with DHCP which is related to:

SB running at "b" while most everything else is at "g"
SB firmware version (in)compatibility with my USR8054
Internal hardware problem with the SB wi-fi device

I've modified all my settings to same as yours (except encryption, which
I still haven't enabled yet). I reckon there's something more
mysterious going on - I'm not sure it's settings any more.

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OK, I'm now logging d_protocol and I'll see what happens.

Unfortunately NetStumbler doesn't support my laptop network card, so I
can't use it to see if there are any other networks around.

However, the site survey utility that comes with my card
can't seem to find any (not sure how good it is though).

On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 09:29, Dan Goodinson wrote:
> Mark,
> Stephen is logging on "d_protocol" - I'm going to turn mine on over
> the weekend, too, to see if I get same output as Stephen after a
> reboot.
> e.g.:
> "2004-11-21 23:25:34.3087 Got discovery request, deviceid = 2,
> revision = 2.8, MAC = 00:04:20:05:76:ff 2004-11-21 23:25:34.3088 It's
> a squeezebox 2004-11-21 23:25:34.3090 calculated <servername>"
> Dan.
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> OK, now I've had a new DHCP lease, after three days of continuous
> playing. I have no idea if it was due to a reboot or not since I was
> at work so wasn't around to see it.
> Is there a log setting for SlimServer which will log
> such reconnects?
> On Wed, 2004-11-24 at 08:15, Mark Bennett wrote:
> > Still running, no new DHCP lease......
> >
> >
> > On Tue, 2004-11-23 at 21:01, Mark Bennett wrote:
> > > OK, so I have the following:
> > >
> > > SSID - 13 characters, all alpha, mix of upper and lower case SSID
> > > Broadcast - Disabled Channel - 11 (NOT dynamic)
> > > Authentication - WEP Shared key
> > > Wep Key - 128 bit
> > >
> > > Everything else wireless related is as per the defaults: Beacon
> > > Interval - 100 DTIM interval - 3
> > > Dot11 Mode - Mixed
> > > TXRates - auto
> > > Turbo Mode - Enabled
> > > Frame Bursting - Enabled
> > >
> > > I have a MAC filter setup with just known MAC's allowed (this does
> > > not include the router itself).
> > >
> > > Just about everything else, except my PP0E connection
> > > is just the defaults.....
> > >
> > > Hope this helps, but I suspect it won't.
> > >
> > > Let me know if there's anything else I can do on this.
> > >
> >
> >
> >