View Full Version : SB3 Wired - Ethernet appears to be disconnected

2014-01-29, 09:03
Having just discovered that my Zyxel NAS has a built-in copy of the Logictech Media software, which seems to offer all I want to stream my CD rips to the Hifi downstairs, I have bought a Wired only SB3 from Ebay. Setting it up today I have found that it works very well connected to a Gigabit switch next to my router upstairs. Unfortunately when I attempt to connect it using 500 MB Powerline adaptors downstairs I get "Ethernet appears to be disconnected", even though plenty of other devices work fine over the same connection. I get the same message when I try to connect it in other rooms upstairs which have wired connections to the same switch through which it works fine when connected using a 2m lead. The upstairs connections are only about 3-4m long but incorporate a couple of plugs and sockets. When trying it through another switch downstairs the connection light on the port illuminates, so its presence is being recognised.

Is this a known issue with the SB3, or is mine faulty and needs to be returned?

I'm hoping that someone has an answer because the Squeezebox system seems to be the right solution for us.



2014-01-29, 13:14
My SB3 has both wired & wifi. Wired works fine over Devolo home plug. Try rebooting the home plug at each end. (Switch off and on again)

2014-01-29, 18:03
Thanks d6, I've managed to get it working as you suggest by rebooting the Powerline adaptors - I was distracted because other stuff connected to the downstairs switch appeared to still be OK. Whatever I had done wrong seems to have been sorted by the rebooting. So I now have a server upstairs feeding players in both downstairs rooms, excellent - now comes the more difficult part, making sure my better half understands how to use it!

The setup is a Zyxel NAS 325 as the server feeding into a TP Link 500MB Powerline adaptor, with an SB3 connected to another TP Link Adaptor feeding into an Orbitsound T9 soundbar in the living room, and a SliMP3 connected through a Solwise adaptor feeding a Rotel RA40 amplifier and B&W DM600 speakers in the Dining Room. Future plans include building a media player for the kitchen around a Raspberry Pi, possibly running PiCorePlayer.