View Full Version : Slimserver 5.4 and wireless.

Richard Scales
2004-11-27, 00:21
I run 2 x wired Slimp3's and 1 x wireless Squeezebox - since moving to 5.4 I
have had the 1 to 3 second dropouts that I had previously managed to avoid.

Things have got progressively worse to the point that the Squeezebox will
freeze up and finally the screen will go blank, If I re-power - it will
cycle through connecting to wireless lan, getting IP address and then
finally failing to find the Slimserver. If I re-booted the slimserver PC
(dual P3 733, 1GB Ram, Win2K) I could get back to a working situation.

This exact thing happened last night during a dinner party - the squeezebox
is the mostly used device as it is in the Kitchen Dining area - so - things
went kind of quiet! We moved to another room where there is a Slimp3 which
happened to be on already and I noticed that it was working 100% just fine.

This leads me to think that there is some wireless issue. I used to connect
to an access point in the loft which is a 3Com 54G box. Signal strength was
mostly 65%, because of other issues I have also added a dlink B box which is
closer to the squeezebox - curiously I still get 65%. I removed the aerial
from the dlink - and still I got 65%.

I will probably run a cable next just to confirm that this is a wireless
issue but broadly speaking - things have got less better with 5.4/v40
firmware. Can anyone in the community confirm/deny that putting a local 54G
bridge just for the squeezebox is or is not a good idea? Should I consider
just going for a 'B' bridge?

The fact that re-starting Slimserver allows recovery from this situation
perhaps tends to suggest something else though?

The sad thing is - we designed this house and put Cat5 everywhere at build
time, well almost everywhere - Doh!