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2014-01-25, 09:26
Let me anticipate 2 things:
1) i'm a beginner
2) i have not a perfect english
3) i'm not sure to be in the right session so please, be patient and tell me where i have to post my question.
I installed yesterday evening Squeezeplug on my raspberry pi and i configure Logitech Media Server using this video tutorial i found on squeezeplug web site.
It works and i'm able to connect with my nb a play music in streaming on my nb (music comes out from my nb speaker) with squeezeplay sw.
I need to do the same on my android tablet, iphone and standard tv (not smart tv).
For android tablet and iphone which sw can i use?
For tv what hw can i buy?


2014-01-25, 10:48
If you do a search you will find much useable info.

Here is one thread on Android apps


2014-01-27, 14:46
Android - Squeezeplayer (player) with Orange Squeeze (controller)
iPhone / iPad - iPeng app with player add in
Standard TV - ???

2014-01-29, 16:16
Android - Squeezeplayer (player) with Orange Squeeze (controller)
Standard TV - ???

Android - can also use free Logitech app instead of Orange Squeeze
Standard TV - if has HDMI can use a cheap Android mini-PC with Squeeze Player