View Full Version : Dynamic Playlist Request for erland

2014-01-23, 19:50
@erland - I know nothing about programming, so if this is a labor intensive request, please feel free to laugh at me and say no ;)

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a "Recently Rated" category to the standard menu options for Dynamic Playlists. I often don't get around to listening and rating new music until months (sometimes years even!) after I've added it to my library, and I would like to have it show up in my dynamic playlists after I do. My all time favorite DP to listen to is "Top Rated, Recently Added", because it's basically the newest music in my collection that I favor most.

I was just listening to some tunes I added a couple of years back but never got around to rating, and thinking this is quite good! I rated it highly, but I have quite a large collection, so using the "Top Rated, Not Recently Played" may or may not pick it up.

Anyway, if it's not too much trouble, having the option of a DP called something like "Top Rated, Recently Rated" would be very useful to me.

Long time fan and user of your plugins! Thanks for all of your great work... traut