View Full Version : Discussion list overload and Gossamer Forum

Jeff Allison
2004-11-26, 15:27
> Hi Folks,

> I'd like to get some feedback from folks on the list about the volume
> of mail on this discussion list.

> Despite doing my best to configure my mailer, I'm feeling
> overwhelmed by the volume of messages. The vast majority
> of the traffic is great, but we may be reaching the breaking
> point on the list.

> One would be to split the list into multiple smaller lists,
> but I fear that this would fragment the community too much.

> Personally, I prefer mailing lists to web-based forums, but
> I think we're reaching the limit of what's manageable on a
> discussion list. The leading candidate is Gossamer Forum.

> <http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/gforum/index.htm>

> One nice feature of Gossamer Forums is that it allows e-mail
> subcriptions, which lets folks get daily digests if they
> prefer. I'd like to hear some feedback on this move,
> especially if anyone has experience with this specific product.

I'd prefer that the forum remain as-is. I'm accustomed to dealing with
large volumes of e-mail, so it's not hard for me to move through the
latest batch quickly. The problem with an e-mailed digest is that it
contains all the topics, making it harder to parse through to see which
I'm interested in and which I'm not.

Since we're on the topic of the community, I'll take a sec to thank all
those who have responded to my queries over the past several months.
Dean, Roy, Kevin P, Kevin F, James and others -- thanks! The active
community is one of Slim Devices' greatest strengths.

- Jeff

> Thanks,

> dean