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Experimental Data Institute
2004-11-26, 14:31
Thanks for your reply. I should have provided more information. CPU usage
does not seem to be high. It is a wireless connection. I am talking about
access from the remote, and my symptoms are identical to yours.

I am certainly willing to test it with a wired connection to see if that
makes a difference. However, nothing about my wireless connection or
wireless network changed between the time that it worked well (with v5.0.1)
and when it slowed down (after the upgrade to v5.2).

<momentary pause while I go give it another try with v5.4>

I just tested it again with v5.4. It now seems to work fine. I am at a
loss. I guess the upgrade to v5.4 did the trick after all.

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> But are you saying CPU usage is high now?
> You don't say whether you are using SB wirelessly or wired, but I assume
> it is wireless. If it is wired, don't bother reading on!
> When you talk about using the menus, are you talking about access from
> the browser or remote? I had the symptoms you mention about jittery
> scrolling using the remote, and sometimes it even seemed the remote
> wasn't working at all, and then it would execute the same command
> several times (because I kept pressing the same button thinking the IR
> signal wasn't getting through.) The cure for this was when my Netgear
> modem/router died and I replaced it with a Buffalo one which seems to
> have cured the problem.
> So could it be a flaky wifi connection? Have you tried connecting the SB
> to the PC with an ethernet cable and seeing whether it is still slow?
> FWIW, I have found 5.4.0 much smoother and more stable than 5.3.1 (using
> firmware 40, I think.)
> Philip
> PC 3.3 MHz, 1.25 Gb RAM, Buffalo Modem/Router, connected by ethernet to
> the PC, wireless to SB, signal strength around 50-60%, Win XP Pro SP2.