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2014-01-16, 09:45

2014-01-16, 13:34
I'm not sure I really class an all in one as proper Hi-Fi.

Having said that the Qualcomm standard this is based on could potentially be a very good thing. http://www.qualcomm.com/solutions/multimedia/allplay

As much as I'd like to see a new British company do well I hope I'm wrong when I say AllPlay will either catch on and Musaic will be lost in a sea of much better known brands also producing AllPlay devices or AllPlay won't catch on in a big way leaving Musaic as a little known, possibly ex company. Let's hope I'm wrong.

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2014-01-16, 15:36
Apart from its lack of Android support the Logitech UE Airplay Speaker I was looking at the other day does all of the things that box does. Was considering it for a boys bedroom. Airplay, DLNA, iThingy via USB and Aux in. Richer Sounds had them at 99.

2014-01-16, 16:12
Actually it was a Pioneer speaker that I was thinking of.

2014-01-17, 01:47
If you root the Android device you can use Airplay for audio at least. I use an app called AOA (Airplay on Android) although if the pioneer you mention does support DNLA then that should give you Android support.

It would appear that AllPlay also has the advantage of being capable of multizone playback. Of course its a moot point until devices appear as to how well it all works in practice.

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2014-01-17, 10:36
It's this Pioneer and yes it does do DLNA, Airplay, USB & Aux
It's a shame there is no digital coax or Toslink otherwise it would be perfect for attaching to a boys bedroom TV