View Full Version : Squeezebox Classic, Music sounds great, radio voice is awful

2014-01-13, 21:27
Just connected my Squeezebox Classic for the first time in two years, and first time to my Mac Pro. My iTunes Library, and Internet radio music stations all sound great, like RadioIO for example. But when I go to a 'talk' internet radio station, or a stream from any broadcast station, the output is very soft and garbled. I have tried several radio stations and the results are the same. Music is great, voice-only is awful. Volume Adjustment/Replay Gain is set to No Volume Adjustment

Player firmware version is 137 and the server version on the Mac is 7.7.3

2014-01-14, 01:21
Which audio out on SB3 and to what?

Might just be the very common usage of low-bitrate streams of such talk stations in conjunction with your DAC which may not handle such low-bitrate input very gracefully. Could also be a transcoding issue where the low-bitrate stream is an AAC format which LMS must transcode for the SB3 to play.

Dunno, just throwing out some ideas. My SB3 sounds fine on such streams via Optical out to a Yamaha AVR.

2014-01-14, 06:16
Thanks. It's the optical output into a Marantz home theatre preamp. All I can say is I didn't have this problem previously, though I was using a PC then. I can believe that some streams would be really low quality but this is so consistent. Browsing through different stations, if it's a 'talk' station it's bad, if it's music, it's not. I'm going to experiment more today, but I was listening to RadioIO classical yesterday and I recall that their announcement, and ads, sounded fine, but I want to confirm that.

2014-01-14, 06:24
Give examples of "talk" stations you have tried so that others can test as some audio encoding formats are worse than others.

A benchmark for good quality talk would be BBC Radio 4 or NPR news.

2014-01-14, 08:34
I tried BBC News, KCFR, KQED and NPR last night. This morning? Everything is fine! I have no idea why but I'll check it throughout the day and going forward. Most of woken up badly after its long hibernation.