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2014-01-13, 10:06
Good Afternoon,

I'm setting up a new Logitech media server. I had it going before but for some reason forgot what I must've done before.

I have port 3483 and 9000 forwarded in my router to the same ports (3483 and 9000). Using Squeezeplay, I can't seem to connect or find my library using my IP address.

LMS sees the squeezeplay client and I can play music to it from the webclient. For whatever reason, the squeezeplay can't connect though.

It seems I might have port forwarding working one way or something, as the server can see the client and play to it, I just can't see the server from the client.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks ahead of time.

2014-01-13, 11:55
Well I'm an idiot. haha... Be sure to enable both protocols(UDP and TCP!). That was my fix. Stupid thing :)