View Full Version : synology nfs giving erratic library counts (didn't happen on QNAP)

2014-01-13, 08:11

I recently swapped out my old QNAP 419P for a diskstation 1813+. I'm running LMS on a separate PC under ubuntu and have (for years) used NFS to mount my music from the NAS with no issues (around 70,000 tracks).

Upon moving to the diskstation - library scanning and count of content is completely erratic.

A clear and full rescan will give all tracks
Subsequent rescans will add/remove tracks (potentially thousands at a time) for no clear reason! it's as if files are disappearing and reappearing

There seems to be no issues with the NFS mount. If I'm ssh'd onto my ubuntu box I can traverse and access any file on the NFS mount.

Any suggestions appreciated.

2014-01-20, 03:12
Given up on this despite lots of tinkering with NFS tuning. Using a samba cifs mount instead. Not ideal but now scanning is reliable again.

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